‘Flashy’ video fails to tackle city’s issues

Re: City looks to become more business-friendly this year (News, Feb. 11)

The city’s annual (non-) forum to supposedly discuss issues and inspire its employees, including the emotional video cited by the city manager, was an entertaining exercise in public relations: a mix of revival show, New Age empowerment, outdated clichés and simplistic concepts that have no connections with providing affordable services to taxpayers.

Those who actually do the field work were left with the same doubts that permeate the organization:

When are the cutbacks to services going to end?

How much decay of the city’s infrastructure is acceptable?

Are the taxpayers aware of the expected loss of services?

What will the city do if someone is injured due to lack of maintenance?

How do current dismal labour relations affect finances and morale?

Feeling good about an organization and providing good services requires more than a flashy video: it requires a critical analysis of the reality, meaningful input and debate.

The city’s (non-) forum was an expensive lost opportunity to discuss real issues affecting the decreased level of services to Victoria taxpayers.

Carlos Flores