Gardens can be deer-proof and pretty

I dispute the statement that “deer-proof plantings are ugly

Reading the mean-spirited and slightly hysterical diatribe CRD cull should go ahead now, (Letters March 12) made me think that if I were the slightest bit pro-cull, I would certainly change my mind now.

I dispute the statement that “deer-proof plantings are ugly.” Many of the plants in my garden are of no interest to deer and are (in my opinion) very attractive – hellebores, euphorbias and the glorious Himalayan blue poppies, to name just a few.

I also question the idea that since fences are too expensive for this irritated gardener, the rest of us should fork over tax dollars for a “massive cull.”

All in all, I would rather take my chances with the “mangy … garden-destroying beasts” than with the author of the letter.

Audrey Driscoll

Oak Bay