Giving views on anything is our democratic right

Ten-page application form for submitting pipeline comments audacious, reader writes

In early April the National Energy Board had the audacity to announce that anyone who wishes to write their views on the Enbridge pipeline must fill out a 10-page application then wait for the NEB to decide whether you will have your views heard.

Not true. Anyone who wants to write their views on any pipeline does not have to fill out anything, that is why it is called a right. It is in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One of the first fundamental rights guaranteed is freedom of expression, including freedom of the press and other media. That means you do not need someone from the NEB to grant a right you already have.

I encourage anyone who has an opinion on the Northern Gateway pipeline to just go ahead and write to the media, on your blogs, your own newsletter – anything – and tell the NEB to stick their 10-page application where the sun don’t shine. When you know you have the right to express your opinion, you are exercising democracy. When you go along with this bull crap, that you need to wait and see if someone from government will grant you a right, you’re playing tyranny: master and servant.

Andre Mollon