Government, education don’t go hand in hand

Re: BCTF digs in for endless war (B.C. Views, May 29)

Re: BCTF digs in for endless war (B.C. Views, May 29)

Thank you for expressing the feelings of many over the politicization of our school system by teachers. A collective group will always fight for its survival by justifying its existence in the highest possible light of truth and justice.

We are so often swayed by those who take the moral high ground, especially in the name of our children.

There is no doubt that the teachers are reflecting the not so subtle undercurrent of anti-capitalist sentiment in our culture and it clearly links back to the idea that pursuit of self interest is greed/bad and sacrificing self for the collective whole is good.

What this train of thought always fails to acknowledge is that the true corrupter of capitalism is the cronyism of government/corporate collusion (in other words, big government) and the solution promoted by all collectivist government movements is to demand ever larger government structures to manage everything in our society.

Big government has no morals about our children at its core, only seeking to feed its own growth and thirst for power, a power that ultimately must rob the wealth of many to fuel its appetite.

This is not moral in any sense of the word, but this is ignored by those who run to its defense in the name of morality.

That we must continually be asked to sacrifice for the sake of bureaucrats’ dreams of glory and virtue needs to be exposed for what it really is: legalized theft.

Unfortunately the big government cat is so far out of the bag us poor peons are left to scream out, “Enough!” as more cries for our income resound.

Paul O’Brien