Greater Victoria smoking ban doesn’t go far enough

Smoking within 40 feet of non-smokers is a hostile act, says reader

Re: Smokers kicked to the curb (News, Oct. 4)

Smokers shouldn’t even need to be told not to smoke in elevators, at bus stops and in doorways, yet they do anyways.

Electronic cigs don’t bother me one bit and maybe should be permitted everywhere, but cigarettes are extremely annoying.

I carry a bandanna to hold over my mouth at all times to avoid the smoke of the dozens of smokers who will pass me everyday.

I watch everyone approaching me, particularly their fingers, but still often smokers sneak up behind me. One huff can leave a nasty taste in your mouth for 20 minutes. I care about my health, I have suffered 20 years exposure to concrete dust and 10 years exposure to pesticide.

As a poor wage slave, my ability to survive absolutely depends on my physical health. Even smokers hate secondhand smoke.

If smokers want total rights and freedoms, go to China, where every household also burns coal.

As deaths from smoking and air pollution mount in China, eventually they will impose smoking bans in public spaces.

Smoking within a 40-foot radius of non-smokers is a hostile act.

John Defalque