Grocery store sale an opening for U.S. chain

Re: Safeway in Saanich, Oak Bay to be sold (News, Oct. 25)

Re: Safeway in Saanich, Oak Bay to be sold (News, Oct. 25)

I think the selling of Safeway stores represents a great business opportunity. Safeway’s overall prices were higher than other markets in the Greater Victoria area.

I believe the impact will be minimal except for those loyal Safeway shoppers who are used to shopping there.

Personally, in light of the situation with Pirate Joe’s store in North Vancouver and the owner winning his case in the Washington courts, this situation in Victoria is an ideal situation for Trader Joe’s to expand to Canada.

There are numerous Trader Joe’s fans in Canada.

I would like to see grocery shoppers write to Trader Joe’s management and encourage them to set up shop on the Island.

This would make the grocery market lower their prices to be competitive.

It is a little known fact that many of the Trader Joe’s products are made with Canadian agreements. I can’t see anything but a win-win scenario.

Art Pollard