Gull sound alarming

Some say timing is everything.

Some say timing is everything.

Yet again on a summer morning I am awakened all too early and left to wonder at those who would deliberately induce a feeding frenzy of screaming seagulls at first light. Once the gulls are aroused, their voluminous cries continue intently, yet sporadically, for the next half hour, making it almost impossible to drift back to sleep.

At that hour, if one were to regularly turn their stereo to a volume that could be heard a quarter-mile away or, heaven forfend, ring a church bell or start a lawn mower, there would be howls of protest and the instigator would be asked to be more considerate of his or her neighbors.

A “First World” problem to be sure, but perhaps those who insist on feeding the gulls could wait until after they’ve had their morning coffee, and some of their neighbours have had another 45 minutes of precious sleep?

James Finlayson

Oak Bay