How about another tax on smokes?

There may not be proof but we all know hedge fire was likely caused by a tossed cigarette

How much longer do the rest of us have to put up with the side effects of this hideous addiction.

Yes I’m talking about smoking.

The hedge fire covered in the last issue really bothered me. There may not be proof but we all know it was likely caused by a tossed cigarette.

I’m sure most road side grass fires are caused by careless smokers driving by on a warm summer day with out a thought for anyone or anything but their own nicotine satisfaction.

Fewer ash trays in modern vehicles probably doesn’t help but who are these clowns that think it’s OK to toss a burning butt out the window? When a crack cocaine addict breaks into a car as a result of their addiction we are all up in arms but for some reason we forgive the second hand smoke, the endless litter and the fires caused by those addicted to tobacco. Why is that? Is it the tax revenue?

How about we add a new tax to a pack of smokes to cover the cost of road side fires.

C. Scott Stofer