Hydro complaints off the mark

Spouting off without all the facts is a dangerous precedent

Re: B.C. Hydro rate hike is simply robbery (Letters, vicnews.com)

I find comments made by Ms. McFadyen insulting and annoying, as she is making her comments by shooting from the hip without doing any research.

B.C. has the third-lowest hydro rates in the country. The cost for 1,000 kilowatt/hours is $68.96 in Quebec, $78.92 in Manitoba, and $89.07 in B.C. Come April 1, 2014, add another nine per cent to our rates, which brings it to $97.09. Even with the increase, B.C. will remain third-lowest in the country.

I suggest she do her homework before writing to the editor. The reading public were not born yesterday.

Joe Sawchuk