Immortalize Langford mayor with a statue

Stew Young

Most of us are all too familiar with historical statues of significant people, their achievements and claims to fame, particularly on a national or international stage.

However, these days, not a great deal of recognition is given to local and regional figures who dramatically change our communities.

I refer to the mayor of Langford, Stewart Young, whose vision, dynamism, ambition and drive have radically changed the West Shore from a dogpatch to a thriving, sophisticated community.

Yes, in some respects, there is a way to go to achieve a balanced community – a continuing lack of cultural activities and facilities – but Stew and supporters will soon acknowledge and fix that.

I recommend that organizations in the region commission sculptor Nathan Scott to sculpt Stew and plant him at Langford’s city hall. And remember, Stew is still alive.

Allen Houghton