Impatient drivers rampant in region

Driving the speed limit seems to be a crime to some people

I do not understand Victoria drivers’ need for speed.

Musgrave Street by Willows School is a 30 km/h zone, not just during school hours but 24-7. Try to drive 30 km/h along there anytime after school and before you know it some vehicle is pushing you off the road.

The same thing happens on Fort Street by Oak Bay High, even during school hours. Drive through the school zone at 30 km/h and impatient drivers are on your bumper or passing on the right into the right turn lane just to get ahead of you.

Last week on Blanshard Street, as I was approaching Cloverdale Avenue and heading north, an irate driver was angry because I was doing the speed limit. He passed waving his fist and yelling obscenities and when I got to the next red light he was stopped beside me.

Whatever happened to police enforcement, especially in Oak Bay?

Ralph Burns

Oak Bay

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