Independent oversight needed for police

Re: Officer in kicking video won’t be charged (News, Feb. 16)

My thought is not only do we have crooked police forces covering each others back we have an equally crooked government.

I think our justice system is pathetic. I saw the video many times the man kicked at that point was not resisting arrest.

We need persons from outside the police departments to be investigating such incidences, not other police forces as they are like a fraternity and loyal to each other.

Real changes are needed through our whole system – not just police, but government as well. The whole system is failing and a over haul is needed before the situations get out of hand.

When will we see changes for the better? From what I am seeing and have for the last 50 years it is going to continue to only get more out of hand if we do not see change now.

Ron J. Bukta