It’s time to organize new left-leaning party

NDP has lost its connection to the left-wing public

Re: NDP soul searching going nowhere (B.C. Views, July 31)

Reluctantly, I must agree with Tom Fletcher’s assessment that the NDP is going nowhere. Indeed they appear to be still jousting with W.A.C. Bennett.

So what do we moderates and lefties do now?

The Green party is a ready-made party, and though they tend to conservatism, a strong influx of lefties might well moderate their stance.

Otherwise, we need to develop a brand new party post haste, one hopefully started by a charismatic leader with lots of energy.

If so, whomever he or she may be needs to get off their behind and get on with it.

P.S. Sorry Adrian, the job is, uh, taken.

Andy Mulcahy