Lack of voter support runs across the board

Victoria News letter writer clarifies point for respondent

Re: Voters weren’t born yesterday (Letters, July 17)

I’m afraid Joe Sawchuk missed the main point of my letter noting that the B.C. Liberals won the May 14 election with the support of just 24 per cent of eligible voters. I didn’t claim this is unique to the B.C. Liberals.

Indeed, I noted in my letter that the NDP, Greens and B.C. Conservatives obtained “even more pathetically smaller shares of support from eligible voters.”

I am also well aware that different parties in other provinces – and successive Conservative and Liberal government federally – have won power with similarly meagre amounts of support from eligible voters.

My point is that winning parties of all political stripes shouldn’t be making ridiculous claims that they enjoy massive public support when their shares of the eligible vote are actually so shockingly low.

Gordon Pollard