Langford’s approach makes sense for region

Too much duplication of services in Capital Region

Re: Amalgamation could save millions for region (Letters, May 21)

I agree fully with Lesley Ewing’s support for amalgamation of Greater Victoria, as to my mind there is currently total duplication of municipal positions. It is a socialist way of running a small area of a country. Big government does not make for more efficient use of tax dollars, period.

I also think if we had a council like Langford’s, we would be set. They are progressive and gets things done to the betterment of the community they represent.

Some municipalities are afraid to put the amalgamation question on this fall’s ballot. Why won’t they do so? That would be democracy, government for the people by the people.

I returned to Greater Victoria after 26 years in Vernon. They had three municipalities there in 1985 (for 35,000 people) – Okanagan Landing, Coldstream and Vernon. About 1990 the province did away with OK Landing and reduced it to two.

By 2012 we were up to between 60,000 and 70,000 people.

In Coldstream we won the vote not to build a new municipal hall and repair shop complex. Guess what? They built it anyway. Is this also democracy?

Kind of like the example of Victoria’s sewage treatment project?

Knut A. Krogstad