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LETTER: Attacks don’t excuse Victoria councillor’s decision

My father turns 97 in May. I have not seen him in two years. I may never see him again. He lives in England and I have lived in Canada for 33 years. In the past we have visited every year, more frequently since my mother and his wife of 61 years passed away in 2009.

For over a year, I and numerous others have made a deliberate and conscious sacrifice not to travel internationally in order to protect our families and community. Coun. Sharmarke Dubow made a different decision and lied about it. I am immensely saddened that he has been subjected to racist attacks about this. I am White and arguably privileged, however, my personal decisions are not based on my colour or position but what is right for our society. I suffer no more or no less than Coun. Dubow.

I have chosen what I believe to be the right action. Can Councillor Dubow say the same regardless of personal insults and offensive comments, and can he live with that decision? If not, he needs to step down.

Alan Humphries