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LETTER: Bylaws shouldn’t be ignored

In regards to the story published Jan. 7 “Advocate makes case for backyard chickens,” I would be curious to hear what our council members and bylaw officers have to say about Maclure’s comments, such as the following:

There is a very fine line, there is a grey area between bylaws and what is right and what is wrong. If nobody complains … we are not actually breaking the law until somebody complains about it.

The validity of the law is not based on whether or not a complaint is issued. Time, resources and effort were expended to deal with someone who knew the rules yet felt entitled to break them. Thankfully not all of Sidney’s residents share this sense of entitlement. Bylaws are in place to serve the rights of the community as a whole and to make a community strong, we need to respect them.

Carly McWilliams