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LETTER: Central Saanich blocking agricultural commission appointments


I would like to thank the local governments of North Saanich, Saanich and Metchosin for their prompt attention and approval of the two most recent membership applications to the Peninsula and Area Agricultural Commission (PAAC). As one of the approved applicants, I am looking forward to providing my agricultural expertise to the commission. However, the District of Central Saanich has surprisingly “blocked” those same appointments.

An elected official of Central Saanich contacted the PAAC chairperson and stated that they “wish to review the PAAC terms of reference” before any new appointments can be completed. This sudden urgent need – with no defined timeline – was apparently taken by Central Saanich without prior consultation with the other local governments, who are all member municipalities that oversee PAAC. They will all need to agree to any proposed changes, and may well be wondering why anything needs to change at all when the PAAC is operating responsibly and efficiently.

The PAAC chair and vice-chair have also unfairly been put under a lot of stress because of the Central Saanich hold on the appointees, and a shortage of members makes the commission more vulnerable to having a lack of quorum. The timing of this terms of reference review is certainly suspicious, and the lack of transparency from Central Saanich is also a concern. What is the true motivation behind this undemocratic move?

Elected officials must be beyond reproach. Please hold your fellow mayor and council accountable.

Barry McLean

Central Saanich