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LETTER: Column a poorly masqueraded liberal ad

Re: Canadians see what freedom truly looks like ( Guest Comment, March 10)

Re: Canadians see what freedom truly looks like (Guest Comment, March 10)

That certainly was a poorly disguised 14 column-inch ad on behalf of the Liberal party of Canada, masquerading as a “guest comment” by Bruce Cameron.

What a clever way to try to skim over the coast-to-coast truck convey protest and the downright scary imposition of the Emergencies Act just to shut up a large segment of protesting Canadians.

I sure would like to know which pollsters found Canadians more worried about those nasty right-wing money donors, eh? Cameron even managed to drag the hapless Gerald Butts out of hiding to give him another chance to spout platitudes.

Canadians certainly are dismayed by the images and what’s going on in Ukraine as the criminal thug Putin engages in blatant war crimes. But there was nothing “trivial and inane” about the truck convoy protest, and there is nothing trivial or inane about Trudeau’s studied avoidance of Canada meeting its fair NATO spending commitments.

The Canadian Armed Forces have been neglected far too long by political parties on both sides of the aisle in Ottawa. How long will Trudeau try to avoid purchasing those long overdue F-35s? When are we going to restore our military ranks? And when are we finally going to step up to the plate as Canadians and start defending our Arctic rather than hiding under the American shield?

OK, now that little rant on my part just had to be said, and it didn’t even take 14 column inches!

Andy Neimers


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