LETTER: Conflict and contention only result in turmoil


The trucker protest demonstrates the fragility of our economy. A minority of truckers and their supporters have caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the supply chain with repercussions throughout our economy. It also brings to light the increasing political polarization in our governing institutions.

Sadly, it is seeing how misinformation and manipulation have duped truckers and their supporters into twisting a health and safety crisis facing the world to one of claiming their perceived individual rights and freedoms above the rights and freedoms of others the wellbeing of society.

The protest will eventually be quelled, but the underlying causes of the opposition will continue to fester, resulting in ongoing protests and disruptions in our society.

In my view, a fundamental systemic change is needed in which basic moral issues are addressed, that we rise above left and right politics to work together for the common good.

Conflict and contention only result in turmoil and ruin of the social order. It is time to end confrontation for personal or political gain and focus on cooperation and education to find the truth. It is time to end the use of force and replace it with justice.

Don Brown


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