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LETTER: Costs of officers at hospital a drop in the bucket

So Saanich spent $75,600 on police officers sitting in hospital waiting rooms. Saanich has ballooned to an over $100 million payroll in my time.

Taxpayers paid many millions of dollars to the former police chief alone over his long career and I assure you, assisting mental health patients to avoid further drama was not in his job description. But I digress, as I’m sure you can imagine what might have been.

“Penny wise, dollar stupid” is perhaps an adequate description to these red-herrings. “Saving” that $75,600 by reallocating those officers’ time elsewhere might pay for two weeks fuel for their police cars, or wrap those same cars with more “Gotham Cityesque” graphics but rest assured, that $100 million hole has hardly been staunched.

Ryan Gisler