LETTER: CRD should scrap plan for parking fees at parks

I am writing in regards to the proposed parking fees at CRD regional parks. I am a resident of Central Saanich and frequent Beaver/Elk Lake and Island View Beach daily. I am totally opposed to parking fees as I am a homeowner and pay property taxes which helps fund our parks and pay CRD staff wages.

It is insensitive to propose pay parking when Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix encourage us to use our parks and enjoy the local scenery. As a pensioner on a fixed income, I would have to choose which free activity I am able to do on a particular day, and having the extra stress of these cost-related parking issues are of no benefit to anyone except the greedy minds and hands of the CRD.

Please do not implement pay parking as in this time of a pandemic, I need to walk in the fresh air daily with my dog and meet my friends at one of our beautiful regional parks.


Myrna Cox