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LETTER: Crisis can open door to opportunity


Once a crisis is in motion, turning it into an opportunity often requires new ways of seeing, thinking, and responding.

Crises also open political systems up to scrutiny. In this way, events can become symbolically important for politically marginalized groups and can catalyze political organizing and dissent.

Achieving sufficient buy-in to try new approaches, requires trust and confidence in the capabilities and vision of the leadership. When distrust prevails, a crisis can emerge within a crisis.

Several of our most daunting current crises across Canada, and the globe, could help reverse negative forces and promote more positive conditions. New approaches require challenging deeply held assumptions about how the world works and what are acceptable outcomes with astonishing breakthroughs to unseen levels of cooperation.

Our challenge is to rise above the self-centred, and be true to the human capacity to develop a consistent self that seeks to control a shared destiny rather than remain a pawn of situational forces.

And, I do mean to imply to recognize the heroes, not reward the villains - specifically, politicians must serve the people; not serve themselves.

William Perry