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LETTER: Dogs can’t be blamed for garbage in park


Your readers might be interested in photos I took in PKOLS this morning of human garbage. Our dogs are being blamed for ecological deterioration in the park, however, the contrast between my on-trail, off-leash, in-control dog and the damage caused by humans is stark.

I cleared up the garbage using one of my crutches (I am an amputee) and my spare dog poo bag. The photos show my dog waiting patiently while I do so.

Saanich has submitted no clear evidence that dogs are responsible for ecological damage. They have also not responded to my pleas on behalf of those of us with disabilities, who would be put in considerable danger on trails if we had to leash our dogs, not to mention the literal barriers of double-gated trails.

As others have noted, their inadequate responses will be reflected at the ballot box. In the meantime, I cherish every off-leash dog walk I can and the multiple joyful and positive encounters we have on the trails.

Jackie Gay