LETTER: E&N rail line could ease pressure on the Malahat

LETTER: E&N rail line could ease pressure on the Malahat

The E&N rail line is vital to the economic future of Vancouver Island as a transit corridor for commuters, freight and tourism. The line should be upgraded to a modern electrified train/tram system ideally running two tracks but even a single line track could be adapted to operate several trains at the same time by installing double track platform stations for passing, one inbound and one outbound as operated in many parts of the world like north of Brisbane, Australia. This allows for more frequent trains to operate.

Trains/trams can carry three to four times more passengers than buses, stations could also accommodate coffee/convenience outlets for commuters. Perhaps we should get someone from East Coast Trains UK (as seen on Knowledge Network) for advice on how set up and operate an efficient rail corridor.

Sooner or later, like it or not, we are going to be forced into resurrecting a modern rail link up Island for the sake of the economic future of the Island and the sooner we do this the better. We have got to stop dithering and hopefully the current interest will give us the initiative to get it moving. Certainly it would relieve a lot of pressure from the Malahat and be of special benefit especially to those who have to travel from up Island for medical appointments and people who commute every day on the Malahat to work in Victoria.

Train/tram systems are expanding all over the world as commuters embrace a more environmentally friendly stress free way of commuting.

Robin Chown

North Saanich