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LETTER: Environment must be preserved

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the West Coast of British Columbia. Since 1980 we have lived and worked here on Vancouver Island. We so enjoy our natural habitats which include forests and oceans, reserves and parks.

The notion of having a pipeline coming to Vancouver to then have even more tankers on the ocean destroying the livelihood of our orcas is absolutely incomprehensible.

To realize that so many of our politicians are careless in decision making when it concerns not their home and environment but those of other Canadians who will suffer if this expansion project goes ahead.

I urge you to listen to our Indigenous and other serious scientists about all the issues involved. Please do not continue with shallow promises. This is huge.

I would like to know that my great-grandchildren will still be able to see a salmon run with abundant fish coming to the estuaries and streams and rivers.

This comes from the bottom of my heart.

Lennor Stieda

Central Saanich