LETTER: Fairy Creek ‘land defenders’ must leave and take their mess with them


After reading many articles, letters, and opinions regarding the Fairy Creek blockade, I feel compelled to offer my comments.

I have not been to the site of this controversy, but I am familiar with both logging and Port Renfrew.

The logging of the old-growth forest I will leave aside, as I am sure most rational thinking people would agree with the basic concept. My understanding is that issue has been decided upon and temporarily resolved by the First Nations, the logging company and the government. My concern is with the actual camp.

Having seen first-hand the residual mess of an unsanctioned camp, I am full of questions regarding the clean-up when these “land defenders” vacate that patch of land.

Recently, Zoe Ducklow reported on the trio of university students who hauled 40 kilograms of concrete mix to the bush to build their hard blocks. Will they be removing that same material when they leave? What about the garbage, refuse, feces, urine, wastewater that will be contaminating the watershed that they claim to be protecting? Will they restore the bush to its previous state?

I am not sure how many people make up the Fairy Creek site or more scattered sites. The traffic to and from Port Renfrew, including chartered buses, should be causing the concern if we only consider the fossil fuel involved. Do they intend to remain for the summer? All this activity increases pressure on a small community.

I think that their point is made. I suggest the land-defenders pack up, go home, take their mess with them, and let First Nation peoples take care of their own business.

Marie Wilson



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