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LETTER: Fish market a piece of Sidney’s character

I am writing to add support to Keith Norbury’s call to recognize and preserve the fish market on the wharf at the foot of Beacon Avenue.

The old-world feel of the working fish market on the dock is still cherished by those who seek out similar attractions while travelling in the Maritimes or Europe. The pier itself is worth saving and carrying out the necessary repairs to keep it functional, as it is the most significant heritage site in Sidney. It is what inspires the idea of Sidney “by the Sea.”

We now even have the Sidney Pier Hotel and Spa. I have not read in your paper if the group that is pushing Sidney council towards replacing the pier with the old piece of floating bridge is the same group that has been stuck with it for many years, since their last attempt to use it here when the breakwater was being planned.

There are docks built on pilings all over our coast, in towns that are smaller than Sidney, that are continually maintained and repaired. Perhaps it would be worthwhile calling those town councils for ideas on how they manage and fund public docks.

Geoff Homer