LETTER: Fond memories of Ted Harrison

I was saddened to read the recent passing of the artist Ted Harrison

Re: Canada loses colourful artist (News, Jan. 21)

I was saddened to read the recent passing of the artist Ted Harrison.

I met Ted in the summer of 1986, when he flew into a small and remote gold exploration camp I happened to be working at in the Northwest Territories.

This location was far above the treeline. Ted stayed in our tent camp for several days, getting some inspiration for further works.

One evening a couple of us stayed up late with Ted as he regaled us with stories, sitting on hard plywood benches inside to avoid the ravaging mosquitoes and blackflies, while the midnight sun cast a golden light within the canvas kitchen tent.

The one story that stays with me is of his riding a motorcycle in Belgium near the end of the Second World War.  Not paying close enough attention, he failed to note that the road he was on ended with a dock on a canal.

Both Ted and motorcycle sailed off the end, to a mighty splash. Ted was fine but nothing further was heard about the motorcycle, which may still lie there to this very day.

Prior to departing our camp Ted signed and left several posters of his work. Mine became a fixture on my college apartment wall, a colourful reminder of a colourful and kind man.

Ron Stefik, Victoria