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LETTER: Free-roaming cats a greater threat to wildlife than dogs


To paraphrase a movie character: Saanich is as Saanich does.

As longtime Saanich residents, council no longer surprises us. While all the leash-your-dogs champions are thrilled by their ‘win’ and love telling anyone who will listen how dogs terrorize migrating birds, I would just like to say that, I’ve attended far too many council meetings voicing my displeasure regarding free-roaming cats – housed and feral alike – to no avail.

Yes, dogs can and do disturb birds, but I have yet to see one bring down a bird midair as our neighbour’s cat did recently – in our yard no less! Here, they do as they please: kill birds and defecate with impunity wherever it suits them, and not a single cat owner poop-scooping after them.

Therefore, bird protectors, please inform Saanich with the same vehemence you reserve for dogs, that free-roaming cats (killing over an estimated billion birds annually just because they can, without any bylaws requiring their owners to keep their beloved murderers locked up inside), that this carnage is unacceptable.

So many Saanich double standards. Lastly, this is not the first time Saanich asked for public input, ‘studied’ it and ignored it completely.

Jana Kalina and Larry Duberry