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LETTER: Games proposal a boost for Vancouver Island

With regard to David Black’s Feb. 18 op-ed concerning hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games: Greater Victoria’s 13 municipal ‘fiefdoms’ are gaining a growing reputation for “missing the forest for the trees.” There’s always a small vocal group of naysayers ready to rush to judgment and criticize any and every big, bold, challenging proposal that would bring benefits to the area.

As with the 1994 Commonwealth Games, naysayers nitpicked the project every step of the way … until, grudgingly, jumping onto the bandwagon upon realizing the biggest event ever to hit the Island was a huge success.

The proposed 2026 Games $1-billion budget includes obtaining $400 million (tax dollars) from the feds. Consider this reality, if the feds don’t invest ‘our’ tax dollars in this project, rest assured the $400 million will go to Ontario or more likely Quebec (a federal election is coming).

David Black’s proposal could provide just the right impetus to kickstart the Island’s economic recovery, provide a common goal for Islanders to rally around and a much needed symbol of hope and confidence in the future.

Ron Devion

Brentwood Bay