LETTER: Goldstream Park Tent City needs to be resolved quickly

LETTER: Goldstream Park Tent City needs to be resolved quickly

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I am very upset by this mess at Goldstream Park. I know Mayor Stewart Young and the City of Langford are doing everything they can to move these people along but I believe we need to escalate especially in the face of Chrissy Brett’s terrible attitude.

I believe Chrissy Brett should be arrested for inciting civil disorder. She is openly and loudly calling for these so called ‘tent city residents’ to break the law. Some of their crimes include unlawful occupation, drug distribution and use, theft, vandalism and assaults. The list goes on. A no contact order should be made between her and these illegal occupiers. If the park is going to remain closed with the RCMP acting as de-facto border guards then they should be directed to stop people bringing anything in to support these illegal occupiers. Remove their comforts. They are here illegally and costing already heavily taxed taxpayers even more. Not to mention ruining one our beautiful parks.

I know that a small percentage of these people are actually not able to work. The majority could but they have become comfortable doing little to nothing and expecting a lot. I have dealt with problems. I am very aware of ‘complex social situations’. I have seen people close to me become consumed by addiction and crime. I am also First Nations. I know that life is what you make of it. If these people are made comfortable they will do nothing to change their lives.

I support re-opening Riverview and expanding Eric Martin for those that actually need help but I am not ok with my tax dollars being wasted housing and caring for those that just want a handout.

Joel Creese

Langford, BC