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LETTER: Government must rein in Victoria Airport Authority

I urge local municipal governments on the Peninsula to try to restrain this unelected out-of-control Victoria Airport Authority.

This is the same ‘authority’ that has just spent millions on a runway that cannot be used.

This is the ‘authority’ that tried to build a shopping precinct in an area where the traffic configuration could not possibly permit the development.

I remind you the goal of Sidney Crossing was to generate annual revenue for the airport – which could have been gathered in a ‘normal’ year by levying a fee on each traveller.

Now they propose the construction of a gigantic building for mysterious owners with no environmental review of its impact.

You must do all you can to stop this continuing madness and bring this authority under local democratic control.

One could argue that the climate crisis means that the Victoria Airport Authority should be trying to reduce air traffic. They should also be trying to reduce growth.

Please do your best to rein in this unaccountable airport authority.

Bert Slater

North Saanich