LETTER: Great sailing aboard Nimpkish

The journey to Bella Coola was a wonderful experience

Re: Bleak summer for coastal ferry remake (B.C. Views, Sept. 3).

My grandson and I took the ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Coola on Aug. 19. The leg from Port Hardy to Bella Bella on the Northern Expedition was like taking a Vancouver Island-mainland ferry, all the services, over-priced shops, etc. (except Wi-Fi) with boring wide expanses of water and an occasional lighthouse.

After we unloaded at Bella Bella and the Nimpkish pulled in, my grandson and I were very leery of the trip onward. What a surprise was in store.

The journey to Bella Coola was a wonderful experience, with only about 25 people on board. The passengers mingled and chatted, exchanging observations, family stories and discussing the wonderful scenery.

The captain and crew went to great lengths to entertain us and we were informed of the surroundings, the possible sightings of wildlife, etc. We were able to stand at the bow in the sunshine and light breeze or on the aft lounge in the protection of the superstructure. The ferry actually stopped close to shore while we were taking photos of petroglyphs, and once again when we stopped at the Alexander MacKenzie Rock, while the captain gave a history and provide a large photograph to allow us to pick out the Canadian Heritage artifact.

When we debarked at Bella Coola the passengers gathered, thanked and congratulated the crew on the voyage.

Services were minimal, but free snacks and soft drinks were available, and no one starved.

George Morrow, Qualicum Beach