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LETTER: Greater Victoria’s Emerson the seal inspires poetic praise

Ramona Johnston captured this shot of a moulting elephant seal on Cadboro-Gyro beach.

In the heart of our coast where the waves meet the land, lies Emerson the seal, with flippers so grand.

On sandy shores, he begins his annual moult, a spectacle to behold, a sight to exalt.

With a mighty heave and a flip of his tail, he sheds his old skin, his new one so pale.

Crowds gather ‘round; they admire in awe, they post photos, locations, more people they draw.

Emerson, oblivious to the chaos he brings, lies proud on the beach, the king of all kings.

But trouble brews as the masses increase, traffic jams form, the seal needs some peace.

Authorities act, with relocation in mind, to move Emerson away, a solution they find.

But time quickly passes, and lo and behold, Emerson returns, his story retold.

Again and again, he’s moved then returns, our soft sandy shores, the bed that he yearns.

People adapt and give a wide berth, understanding that we must all share this one Earth.

For Emerson’s more than a seal on the sand, he teaches us to connect the sea and the land.

Through disruptions and crowds, one seal’s defiance, a symbol of nature’s strength and resilience.

Ramona Johnston