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LETTER: Human activity not a significant factor in climate

The author of the letter to the editor that appeared in the Feb. 3 Saanich News insisting that more needs to be done for the climate seems remarkably out of touch on climate science, real-world climate trends, the business world, and economics.

Still, the article reflects the template of a typical climate activist composition that can be summed up with “the road to global salvation lies in declaring civil economic war on ourselves.”

Suffice it to note at this point that carbon dioxide, even though a basic building block of life on earth, comprises just under four per cent of all atmospheric gases. Human activities generate less than four per cent of the CO2 produced by “Mother Earth”, which means that four per cent of four per cent leaves perhaps just one human-produced CO2 molecule per 1,600 molecules of all atmospheric gases.

Hardly sufficient to be a significant factor in climate change … which in reality is the net effect of forces that are planetary, lunar, solar, and celestial over which the human race has no influence. We can only strive to adapt.

Ken Lane