LETTER: If hotel isn’t repainted it sets a precedent

It is an insult with what the develope is trying to get away with.

Re: Developer’s battle with city not unusual (Letters, Feb. 6)

I beg to differ with letter-writer Mel Wright.

What is now literally a black mark on the city is not “awesome.” It is downright ugly.

If developers get so frustrated, then I suggest they go to Vancouver, the concrete jungle.

Anything not the norm is not allowed is a bit of a generalization and the only way the highrises look the same is that there is a height restriction, thank goodness!

One of the reasons why people live in and visit Victoria is because of its beautiful, user-friendly area, authentic heritage buildings and facades downtown.

It is an insult with what the developer, Jordan Milne, is trying to get away with.

Milne said: “We painted the building with heritage colours under the Benjamin Moore heritage colour scheme.” (Victoria News, Jan. 30)

Really? How stupid does he think people are?  So he consulted with Benjamin Moore “heritage” colour strips, but not with the city knowing the Dalton (Dominion) Hotel was a heritage site?

The city should force him to change what he knowingly shouldn’t have done in the first place.

If he isn’t forced to repaint in designated heritage colours, it sets a precedent and others are sure to follow.

Then, not only do we have a downtown where businesses  are continually closing, we’ll have an ugly ghost town of a downtown where no one will want to venture.  Even sadder possibilities than what’s happening now.

Elizabeth Lubin, Victoria