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LETTER: Impacts of climate change shouldn’t be trivialized


I can’t believe your attempt to trivialize the effects of climate change as good for someone with your front-page article, “Climate change hurts the Okanagan, but helps Vancouver Island’s wine industry.”

We are in an officially declared and ever-deepening climate emergency due to our own recklessness, and you irresponsibly try to instead promote some fool’s gold/silver lining to our thoughtless destruction of the planet. You should be thinking globally about the world’s hottest ever July and then August.

And about how B.C.’s carbon emissions increased manyfold by the wildfires, which added to the pine beetle devastation due to warming winters likely making B.C. forests net carbon dioxide sources, not sinks. And then act locally, like to get all (the fast food) drive-ins closed immediately. And stopping the cell tower at the west of the airport running off a diesel generator for how many more years even though there is electricity less than 100 yards away. Please as journalists, at least investigate and report this local scandal.

Simon Farthing

North Saanich