Letter: Infill housing a floodplain concern near King’s Pond

King’s Pond is a focal point of our community and needs to be protected

Concerns have been raised about the adverse environmental affect the residential development at 3750 Ascot Rd. will have on King’s Pond. After the debacle of the clay tennis courts I find it a shame that residents in the Cedar Hill Golf Course area must once again defend their neighbourhood.

I live in the Braefoot area and I’m concerned about the impact future housing in-filling would have on contaminated water runoff  in our neighbourhood. I have noticed more water pooling in our back yard over the last 26 years due to housing development higher up the hill. The effect on the King’s Pond wetlands would have a greater impact. Saanich has started using natural, grass run off areas for storm drainage in an attempt to filter pollutants before they enter the drainage system; this same approach needs to be maintained around our natural water courses.  Reducing the ground water absorption area by building high-density housing can only cause more stress on King’s Pond.

King’s Pond is a focal point of our community. It’s not just the immediate neighbourhood that enjoys its beauty.  Many of us use it as a destination for our walks, others drive or cycle to enjoy. Please don’t take any chances of ruining this jewel. Convince Saanich council to turn down the developer’s request for a Floodplain Development Permit.

As for policy of in-filling for future housing: we don’t have to accommodate everyone, it’s OK to say ‘Sorry, we’re full’.  The King’s Pond area is full.

Jim Cliff