LETTER: Langford council must be more open

Why is Langford council so secretive? There is an old adage in the justice system that says: “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.”

There are a hundred seniors in the Tri-Way Trailer Park who didn’t get to see how they were abandoned. Was the mayor’s letter of commitment to them even raised at the decisive meeting since he was absent? Meeting minutes issued much later aren’t verbatim so they will never know who held the ‘shiv’ while their backs were turned.

The meetings are over and the decisions have been made before citizens are informed. Audio tapes issued long afterwards reveal the speaker’s words but again, way too late. It looks like that same ‘open and honest government’ may be doing the same thing to the Fairway Neighbours Group.

Most other municipalities live stream and understand the principle of ‘justice being seen to be done.’ Why is Langford so resistant? What are they hiding and why?

Bill Williamson