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LETTER: Leave Clover Point parking alone

Clover Point is well known to be one of the most consistently windy spots in the Capital Region, hence the frequent presence of kiters and paragliders there. In fact, there are times that it is so windy that kiters and paragliders, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, will not even dare to venture down to the water’s edge at Clover Point. And yet, people do enjoy going down to Clover Point on such days, in cars.

The thrill of basking in Mother Nature’s fury is sometimes only practical to experience within the cocoon of an enclosed vehicle. Victoria mayor and council want to permanently eliminate this all-ages fun at Clover Point because they are misguided killjoys. Tell them to leave Clover Point alone, and to do something worthwhile instead, such as improving the woefully inadequate and outdated public washroom facilities along Dallas Road.

Trevor Amon