LETTER: Let neighbouring properties encroach on Saanich park

In regards to the article on what to do with Houlihan Park. Just a suggestion, but what if each property owner adjacent to Houlihan Park extended their fence into the park. It’s a long-standing tradition in our part of Gordon Head and, the best thing is, the bylaw department won’t enforce the bylaw.

If the engineering department decides, “the fences don’t interfere with the sight lines of drivers,” they can remain. Which, of course, in Houlihan Park they couldn’t do. Imagine, each property owner being allowed to take two or three feet of municipal property for RV, canoe or firewood storage or just to have a larger yard. How great would that be for them? Plus, there is the added benefit of less grass for the parks department to cut.

If it’s allowed in our neighborhood why not everywhere in Saanich.

David Kerr