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LETTER: Metchosin councillor has lost public’s trust

I am responding to the interviews conducted by Aaron Guillen or the Goldstream Gazette with Metchosin Coun. Kyara Kahakauwila and Mayor John Ranns. First, I’d like to make sure I understand correctly: Coun. Kahakauwila went to Mexico to schmooze with business people because it would be good for her business, L.A. Limousines. Coun. Kahakauwila thought she didn’t have any Metchosin business to do at the time.

Mayor Ranns asserts that Coun. Kahakauwila’s travel was completely responsible. Mayor Ranns thinks the problem is that the provincial lockdown is wrong. Mayor Ranns states that all the other council members knew in advance of Coun. Kahakauwila’s travel plans. Mayor Ranns thinks that no one was impacted by Coun. Kahakauwila’s trip. Does anyone want to change their story?

This is what I have to say:

“Essential for her business” doesn’t come close to a good reason when people can’t even travel to be with dying relatives. “Essential for her business” doesn’t come close to a good reason when lots of business are needing to close. If we aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t having events, maybe there will be a downturn in limousine travel. Accept it.

There was lots of Metchosin district business that the public has been waiting for Coun. Kahakauwila to deal with. COVID is not an excuse. It is all work she could be doing at home.

I believe there is a mismatch between the values held by Mayor Ranns and Coun. Kahakauwila and the values of the general population of Metchosin. Of the emails you have been receiving, how many have commended you for your behaviour and attitude?

I would like Coun. Kahakauwila to finish her term in office trying to execute her responsibilities and to regain public trust. I want her replaced as deputy mayor and removed from the planning portfolio.

Bev Bacon