LETTER: Motion takes aim at overdose crisis

Couns. Ned Taylor and Karen Harper have submitted a notice of motion to the Saanich council to address the overdose crisis. This motion outlines steps that the council should take to address the lethal opioid overdose epidemic that is affecting communities across Canada and the world.

It includes the possibility of safe consumption sites, the importance of engaging with local health agencies (and frontline workers), requesting a Canada-wide action plan that includes a safe supply (as well as decriminalization for simple personal possession), and more.

Let me be clear: this issue is not moral, it is not political. It is a public health issue that is only getting worse amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Too many individuals have lost their lives to the opioid overdose epidemic, and many more are unable to access safe consumption and support services because of a lack of public support for a public-health focused response to this crisis.

I urge Saanich News readers to look at the Moms Stop the Harm Website and read their blog to learn more and hear their stories. I plead with Saanich council: accept this motion. Take action to save lives.

Jessica Soule

West Vancouver