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LETTER: Parking fees at Island View Beach would restrict recreational access

I am writing concerning the proposal to charge for parking at Island View Beach.

As a longtime dog walker in the area I am well aware of the beauty the park has to offer. What has really been notable since COVID arrived is the increase in the number of people using the area. It’s great to see more people using the area for recreation and benefiting from time spent in this gorgeous spot.

As we struggle as a species under viral siege, going for a walk has become crucial to people, not only for physical benefit but also a very positive effect on their mental health. To add a fee for parking would limit the ability for some people to use the park. During these COVID times restricting park use to only those who can afford it is poorly timed and may result in mental health decline for many people. I hope the CRD committee takes this into consideration and preserves the beauty of the park for all during these difficult times.

Tammy Watson

Brentwood Bay