LETTER: Piece of Saanich heritage in peril

LETTER: Piece of Saanich heritage in peril

Neighbours are very upset with the subdivision application for the Rogers’ farm house on Woodhall Drive as the home and land is on Saanich’s heritage register, built in 1925 but not protected. The application involves cutting Garry oaks and Douglas fir to make room for two additional building lots which will radically change the character of the property and the feeling of the street. The lot is 0.46 acre which will be divided into two strata; the other fee simple.

When the Rogers’ property was developed not that long ago the homes were designed to the same roof lines etc as the Rogers’ home. A lot of demands were put on the builders at the time to ensure the buildings and land were reflected accordingly. Monuments were placed on both the Rogers’ and Hutchings’ homes to ensure the history was passed on.

Now with one stroke of the pen by Saanich planning department it could be all gone ( it does not have to go before council).

Paul Taylor