LETTER: Proportional Representation will bring a voice to the majority

LETTER: Proportional Representation will bring a voice to the majority

I can’t help but wonder why we don’t think it’s too complicated for our children to learn how to listen and co-operate, yet those who oppose Proportional Representation would have us think we cannot manage it as adults.

If a teacher taught only 39 per cent of the students, ignoring the remaining 61 per cent for four years, only the 39 per cent would keep their children in the classroom.

Yet 39 per cent of us voters got a Prime Minister and Governing party, while 61 per cent of us were ignored, as just one example of the usually unfair results of First Past the Post. No wonder voter turnout is so low.

Maybe you don’t like the question, or the three options, but honestly that is the small stuff when all of our votes should count, and will count for more with any of the options for Proportional Representation in BC. These options are clearly set out in the booklet sent in the mail.

Maybe you’re terrified of fringe parties, but don’t know that they would need about 100,000 votes to get a representative elected. Good luck with that.

We have been stuck with First Past the Post for many years. We know what it can do. Donald Trump, Doug Ford and Stephen Harper is what. If they’re your cup of tea, stick with FPTP.

If you want our government to take more points of view into account, we have a chance to try PR for two election cycles and decide whether it was just dating, or we want to get serious.

I call that a win-win for democracy, and for showing ourselves to be just as mature as we expect our children to be.

Charlene Simon


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