LETTER: Puzzled by letter on climate change

LETTER: Puzzled by letter on climate change

I am puzzled by two points raised by the writer of the letter ‘Global climate change alliance pushing an agenda’ in the July 1 Saanich News.

First of all, he seems to be unhappy with the UN’s sustainability goal No. 1, that of ending poverty. How ever can that be a bad goal?

Secondly, he ends on a note that suggests a strange conspiracy theory. There is no significant evidence for Earth cooling — certainly not from the organizations he cites. Nearly everything points to the contrary.

The side effects of global warming may be unpredictable but it is indisputable that overall the world has been warming over the past several decades and we all are going to suffer because of it. There is no evidence that the sun’s energy output is decreasing to any appreciable and prolonged degree.

And finally, Earth’s orbit is most certainly not increasing in size on a timescale that humanity would notice. If it did, among other things our year would be getting longer and solar eclipses would soon become hour-long events. How ever could we all not notice those details?

Rob Von Rudloff