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LETTER: Removing parking will cause further congestion


A recent letter offered suggestions for bike lanes by removing parking from one side of certain streets. The question is where will people park? Most homes have more than one vehicle and even more with teenagers becoming drivers. If Oak Bay starts putting in suites that will add to the parking situation.

I understand that developers no longer have to provide residential parking, again assuming unit owners will park on the streets. There is a condo development coming up on Richmond Road with no parking available. The developer in this case figures unit owners won’t have vehicles. But they will have visitors.

Removing parking is just another way of impeding traffic movement.

Why a bike lane on Cadboro Bay Road? Eastdown runs from Cadboro Bay Road to Landsdowne and could serve both UVic and Camosen. Dean is also a good route.

The way bike lanes are being placed without much thought is akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

William Jesse

Oak Bay