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LETTER: Residents’ concerns not being heard

Following up on the letters regarding development (North Saanich becoming a Langford, Central Saanich losing its character), I’ve had family roots in the CRD going back over 110 years and spent a quarter-century in Central Saanich.

I agree with the letter writer’s comments about our town as I’ve attended many council and public meetings to find out my neighbours who have been here longer agreed our interests aren’t heard by the people of 1903 Mt Newton X Rd. Farmers pay little taxes but get full support as we only vote in mayors living on ALR land.

Mayor Windsor said years ago we don’t generate enough tax revenue due to our rural setting, yet we have one of the largest industrial areas in the CRD. My recent property taxes have now quadrupled since the first one so when does the development subside?

Nothing has worked in over 25 years of mismanagement in civic politics, and our reward is bad traffic, no public consultation on council decisions or spending, consistent street racing, diesel fumes, and now we seem to be under a new flight path of floatplanes and helicopters. I bought here because of its quietness and rural feel, but after 25 years it’s the most ungratifying place I’ve lived. As much as I’ve supported farmers, they make the worst politicians, and council members and municipal workers aren’t far behind.

Stuart Walker

Central Saanich